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  • Gavin Elliot

Your Health is at Risk

When you go to McDonalds you do not think about the health risks of its food. All customers think about is getting a quick meal and that it is very good. That is why it was made because people love fast fried food that does not take more than five to seven minutes to acquire from start to finish. It does not cost that much depending on what the customer orders. The food is like a drug; if it suddenly disappeared people would go insane. For some of the citizens in the U.S. and even in other countries, McDonalds is a meal three times a day.

I work at McDonalds back at home in Pennsylvania and from the day I started till the present, I’ve seen people come around the drive through for three meals a day and get the exact same meal, except for the drink and size of the meal. But besides that, they stick to the same greasy trash every time. Eventually you start to remember their order, name and voice, and you start to build relationships with the customer. In my opinion, I think it’s disgusting that you come that much that you build entire relationships with the customers. When I left to come to the Mount, I got text messages from my coworkers, telling me that customers are looking for me, asking where I went, etc. It makes me feel like I am their son or in relation to them in some way. What these people need to worry about is their health because it is not getting any better.

You are more likely to develop diabetes, which is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Your heart will suffer in other ways because of your regular McDonalds consumption. Fast food is full of hidden added sugars and these extended amounts are against recommendations by the American Heart Association. If you begin your morning with a McDonalds Big Breakfast with Hotcakes, which is a scrambled egg, three pancakes, a sausage patty and a biscuit, you will have eaten your entire day’s worth of fat and sugar before noon. If you enjoy the McFlurry, its ice cream goodness is equivalent to seven apple pies! Do not even get me started on the fried food. No amount of food with that much trans fats are safe; ingesting them can lead to higher levels of bad cholesterol, lower levels of good cholesterol and ultimately heart disease. I used to eat McDonalds almost every day because I worked there. However, after a couple of days of eating it in a row, I learned to just pack my own lunch filled with carrot sticks and good healthy salad. Speaking of salads, McDonalds used to serve salads and they found a way to make it unhealthy.

Most McDonald’s items are high in calories. Their burgers and sandwiches, combined with a side of French fries and a soda to drink, will easily put you over 1,000 calories which is terrible for only one meal. For a male, only 2,500 calories are supposed to be consumed and for women its 2,000 calories. You can see why people gain weight after eating one to three meals within one week. It is far from being “a healthy food establishment.” These types of fast-food choices, coupled with a lack of physical activity, lead to obesity. Globally, 800 million people on this planet are suffering from obesity. Thirty-four percent of adults 20 years and up and about 35.5 percent of males are suffering from obesity. Next time you think about going to McDonalds… just drive away.


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