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  • Meghan Leavitt

Trainor's Farewell Celebration

Meghan Leavitt

With President Trainor leaving after being the president of the Mount for eight years there have been numerous events along campus to prepare for the goodbye. 

On Wednesday April 24 and Thursday April 25 the university made 12,000 t-shirts saying “Team Trainor” in preparation of Fridays event.

The t-shirts were handed out on these days and given to both faculty and students for free. The only requirement was to sign your name to ensure that all students got one t-shirt. 

The t-shirts were a great success with 700 out of the 1200 being handed out only on the first day. If you did not get a shirt during the times in Patriot Hall, there was a chance to get one while at the event.

Trainor’s farewell party on Friday, April 26 consisted of a speech from Trainor and student and faculty speakers. Both spoke about all the amazing things Trainor has done for this university and how he has built the Mount community up.

The event was very welcoming with a variety of foods, drinks and music. Refreshments such as water and lemonade were provided. Foods and snacks ranged from walking tacos, ice cream, popcorn, funnel cake and candied bacon.

The music was live with multiple different genres being played across Founders Plaza.

The event was a great opportunity for the Mount community to get together.

The event was a way for both faculty and students to get together in a setting other than the classrooms. Talking with professors such as Peter Dorsey and Ingrain Mitra was memorable. Everyone at the event seemed to be having a good time. 

During the event you could really see the Mount community come together. Not just with the interactions between faculty and students but the happiness the event brought overall.

Almost everyone who attended was wearing their “Team Trainor” t-shirts. It was also great to see Trainor walk around and interact with students. You can always feel that Trainer is proud of the community by the way he shouts “Go Mount” after every interaction.

Other students who attended the event thought it was a lot of fun. Anna Hsia (C’26) stated, “The event was very fun. There was more of a turn out than I anticipated, and everyone seemed to be excited and outside.” Hsia also said, “I also loved being able to take a picture with President Trainor as well.” 

Overall, the way Trainor interacted with students has always been amazing.

While serving as president of a university for eight years he made a huge difference in the Mount community and set many traditions that will be passed on.

Meghan Leavitt


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