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  • Gabrielle Hendricks

Traditional Authentic Mexican Food Truck

On Wed., Sept. 15, Mount St. Mary's celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by hosting a local Mexican food truck at the Palmieri Activities Center. Traditional Authentic Mexican Food is a family-run business. The food truck had affordable, authentic Mexican dishes. The menu included tacos, burrito loco, fried quesadillas, sopes and Mexican street corn. The menu was also dietary inclusive, with vegetarian and keto options. At the truck, you could hear the sizzle of the grill and smell the aromas of the seasoned meat and the fresh ingredients like cilantro, lime and onion. The truck served food from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., and from start to finish, students and faculty were lined up to get a taste of Mexico.

Karina is the owner, and her relatives help with the cooking, serving and transporting of the truck. One of the truck employees was Bubba, who asked for all the orders of the customers. Bubba stated that one of his favorite parts about working at the truck was "going to all the different events." He had a smile and enthusiasm; he seemed to enjoy bringing his cultural dishes to different places.

Students of Latino backgrounds at the Mount came to the truck and were happy to see the inclusivity of their culture. Marcus (C'22), who is of Hispanic heritage, ordered fried quesadillas from the car. "Bringing the truck here and them being from the culture makes the food have a certain quality that Patriot might not have," he stated.

Kaylee-Rodriguez Torres (C'23), also of Hispanic heritage, said she eats Mexican food almost every weekend. She seems to be a connoisseur of Mexican dishes. She ordered tacos al pastor (beef tacos). She said, "It's good that it's an authentic food truck instead of the typical Americanized Mexican food." The authenticity of cultural food is important and makes the flavor and experience better, especially for students familiar with the cultural background. Students value the true representation of their heritage.

Non-Hispanic Mount students enjoyed the truck as well and appreciated its authenticity and cultural inclusivity. Lily (C’23) ordered fried quesadillas and sopes. Lily expressed her happiness to try something new and cultural. She said "[The truck] allows people to try more types of food that they might not usually try and it's convenient and easy so it's good to get for lunch." Students who do not have a cultural background outside of the United States might not have the opportunity or introduction to authentic, non-American cuisine. Things like Traditional Authentic Mexican Food truck help provide different, enriching experiences.

Another non-Hispanic Mountie, Katherine Fisher (C'25), decided to be adventurous and ordered tacos, carnitas and Mexican street corn. She described the flavor as "spicy and savory." She expressed that it was delicious and filled with "onion, cilantro, lime and paprika."

Food and flavor are substances every human being enjoys, no matter the background. Sharing culture through eating is a heightened, accessible way to share identity and experience communion with others.

The Mount and Traditional Authentic Mexican Food truck collaboration brought students and faculty happiness and representation for Hispanic Heritage Month. It showed Mount's spirit of diversity and community as one family with members of all kinds.


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