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  • Elvis Trujillo

Sun Shines on SOL as it Welcomes Students to Join

Making no mistake of waiting to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month was SOL, or the Student Organization of Latinos, who hosted their first event in September of last fall. More than 50 people showed up to SOL’s activity commencement at the Palmeri Activity Center where Disney’s “Encanto” was the movie of choice being played.

This event was sponsored by the Center for Student Diversity (CSD) and Student Activities (AMP). The movie was screened in celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Month which started Sept. 15 and ended on Oct. 15. The Heritage Month is made to commemorate the achievement and contributions of Hispanic Americans to American history, culture and society.

SOL is an organization whose primary purpose is to celebrate and promote awareness of Latin American culture on campus. Fall semester's team composed of five Hispanic-Latinx women, and there was no doubt that their leadership style was important to the success and vision placed upon the club.

President of SOL, Jazlyn Leonso, believed that an intertwined Mount St. Mary’s University and a student organization supporting the Hispanic-Latinx community is essential to the success of the Mount. Leonso gave credence to an embedded culture during Hispanic Heritage Month because it “is a time of celebration of rich and beautiful culture."

Bringing awareness of the strength and courage of the Hispanic-Latinx community was a task the broad executive team of SOL was tasked with doing. Vice-President Jessenia Maldonado emphasized that the month especially is of importance to “amplify the Latino voice on campus… (through) representation.” As Leonso put it, “We want to share our love for culture but also want to be accurately represented.”

For a few weeks before Sept. 15, SOL resourcefully planned its first event which resulted in a huge success. Some plans that had been in the works included talks about cookouts, dance lessons and Noche Latina (Hispanic Night) events. With representation being of high importance to the executive team, Michelle Zelaya, the organization’s Secretary, Lity Leiva, the Public Relations and Event Coordinator and Cristal Nolasco, the Latin Dance club committee member felt the need to sit down in conversations and talk about what the Hispanic-Latinx community needed to be successful at the Mount using recreational activities.

The Club invites everyone to be on the lookout for emails concerning updates and events, but in the meantime, you can follow its Instagram @MSMUSOL for up- dates. The club is open to everyone to join, regardless of gender, sex, class or major. SOL meets in CSD of Lower McGowan and anyone who wants to join is welcome to participate and stop by. When meeting times are official the student body will be the first to know. Ariba!


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