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  • Ryen Sakyi

Steve Harvey Mount Stans

Ryen Sakyi

Steve Harvey Mount Stans

Ryen Sakyi

Everyone’s favorite game show is now here at the Mount! The African Student Association re-created the Steve Harvey game show. ASA had the hosts dressed up as Steve Harvey and asked a series of questions, just like Family Feud. The questions consisted of African parents and everyday African culture.  

When asked why they wanted to re-create the Steve Harvey game show, ASA President Ledell Patcha (C’25) said, “We did this event as a fun way to spread African culture throughout our Mount campus. Hosting this game show allowed us to inform our fellow Mount community about some of the foods, mannerisms and activities that go on in an African household.” 

When asked how they planned this event, Patcha said, “I planned this event with the help of my board members and with permission from the PAC…. this event was a collaboration with French Club, who was there to make crepes for our guests to enjoy!” 

If you were unable to attend the Steve Harvey game show, here's a glimpse of what you missed. The French club served delicious crepes. The hosts, all dressed as Steve Harvey, added a touch of humor and excitement. Two teams competed, answering questions on the board like in Family Feud.

Some audience members also got the chance to answer the questions and see if their responses matched the board. Instead of the traditional buzzer, teams decided who would go first with a game of rock-paper-scissors. The winning team was rewarded with free tickets to the ASA Golden Gala. 

Overall, with the delectable food, intriguing questions, and vibrant atmosphere of enjoyment and fun, the ASA excelled in planning and hosting the re-creation of Family Feud with an African culture theme. The efforts of the ASA members were acknowledged based on their hard work, and the event served as proof of the rich diversity and unity of our Mount community. 

Kelly Blanco


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