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  • Natalie Solano

Sheetz and McCauslin Promoted to New Positions

Since 2018, Dr. Kraig Sheetz has been the Dean of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics. This semester he has been named the Executive Vice President and in this role, he will help further advance the strategic plan of the Mount.

Sheetz came to the Mount after serving the U.S Army for over 28 years. For a significant part of his career, he has been a physics professor and a senior administrator at the United States Military Academy at West Point. These responsibilities and experiences have prepared him for this position.

“I am deeply honored. As Dean, I had the opportunity to work closely with the president and our great team of senior administrators. You simply cannot find a more dedicated group of servants who love the Mount, our mission and especially our students. I am truly blessed to join this leadership team,” Sheetz commented.

“Dr. Sheetz led a plan ahead to get the Mount ready to meet the challenges of the pandemic. At that point, I knew he was exceptional,” Provost Dr. Boyd Creasman added.

Apurwa Shah (C’22), President of Women in STEM and a student majoring in Biochemistry stated, “I was happy when I found out that Dr. Sheetz had been promoted because he is the type of professor who truly cares about each of the students in the Science department. He wants to see us excel to the best of our abilities while motivating us to reach our full potential.”

The new Dean of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics is Dr. Christine McCauslin. She has served as chair of the Department of Science for more than five years which has made her a respected and experienced administrator.

McCauslin received her doctorate in genetics from George Washington University before arriving at the Mount in 2004.

“Dr. McCaulsin is amazing. She has a truly unique combination of long-term strategic planning skills and rock-solid common sense for day-to-day decision making. Our faculty and students in the School of Natural Science and Mathematics are in great hands,” Sheetz remarked.

President Timothy Trainor has seen the demand for majors in the science, technology and mathematics discipline grow as jobs and professions expand. “I moved Dr. Sheetz into this position to help the Mount look more to the future and help us set the Mount up for continued success in a changing world.”

The Mount will put more focus on building programs and resources needed to meet changing demands and both Sheetz and McCauslin can help in shaping the future. “We can expect more from the exceptional Dr. Sheetz and well respected Dr. McCauslin,” added Trainor.

According to Creasman, the students in the School of Natural Science and Math can look forward to high-quality undergraduate research experiences, high-quality instruction and mentoring from our existing faculty, and an opportunity to work with some talented new faculty who will join us in the fall.


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