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  • Maria Cary

SGA to Include International Students

Maria Cary

The SGA Senate has recently been growing to better represent the Mount student body. The SGA Senate has recently passed legislation to add a senator that represents international students for next year. There will be an election during the fall semester amongst international students to vote on the representative.

The new bill has received praise from international students. Shirley Liang, an international student says, “Being an international student, it’s hard to navigate through life in another country sometimes. With the help of a senator to represent international students, I feel as though we can be seen more on campus and have someone advocate on our behalf, making us feel more welcome in our new community.” The new international student senator will represent almost 100 international students on campus. 

In addition, the SGA senate welcomed two commuter student senators at the beginning of the spring semester to represent the 250 (and growing) commuter population.

When Bruce Lenon-Mixco, one of the current commuter senators, was asked about his opinions on this, he was passionate to represent his community. He stated, “I am glad that I have been given the honor by the SGA to serve as a senator on behalf of commuters. Commuters are a very local group of students who endure their own issues when it comes to living in the Mount community. Therefore, it is important that commuters receive a voice in the student legislature. I have been able to voice concerns that I and many of my commuters have undergone. Ultimately, I believe the SGA’s decision to employ commuters is a very positive development!” 

To learn more about SGA, senate meetings are every Tuesday at 5pm in Laughlin Auditorium. All are welcome. 


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