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  • Jade' Curtis

SGA Hosts First Senate Meeting

The first senate meeting for the Mount’s Student Government Association was held on Feb. 18 at 5 p.m. The meeting began with the introduction of Vice-President Karington Smith (C’21). The meeting was held to explain how and when one should speak, ask questions and vote on agenda items.

Those who want to find out the balance of their club funds and how to access them, they can reach out to Rachel Rollins, the SGA graduate assistant. The new director of the Department of Public Safety, Ron Hibbard, and his community-oriented approach to make the Mount safer was also discussed.

New projects are in the works for the SGA. SGA Public Relations Director, Aniyah Taylor (C’23), and SGA President, Richard Medina (C’21), are working on a community mural. Taylor hopes that the mural, which will “symbolize the Mount community” will be finished by the end of this semester.

Another project spearheaded by the SGA is a wall dedicated to graduating seniors. The wall’s plan, although not completely charted out, will commemorate the graduating seniors, and will “hopefully turn into a tradition” according to Medina.

The meeting also discussed implementation of a new policy regarding plagiarism. Currently, students have a three-strike policy. If a student is caught plagiarizing, their plagiarism is reported, they receive a failing grade, and they are removed from campus (after three incidents). This new policy would focus on educating the student rather than reprimanding them. On the first instance of plagiarism, students would still receive a failing grade, but they would be educated on the impact, integrity and ethics of plagiarism. The second time, they would be reprimanded in some way.

The meeting ended with an open floor for questions or matters that concern the SGA. The senate meetings will be held every Thursday at 5 p.m. throughout the semester.


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