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Rita Anoh C’23 Named Goldwater Scholar

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship is a competitive scholarship that sophomores and juniors compete for. This scholarship offers funding up to $7,500 a year towards tuition, room, board and textbooks. The scholarship, along with the Excellence in Education Foundation, was created by Congress in 1986 and serves as a memorial for Senator Barry Goldwater. Senator Goldwater served the United States for 56 years as both a soldier and a statesman, as well as serving 30 years in the Senate.

Rita Anoh (C’23) has been living in the U.S. for five and a half years, arriving from Ghana in West Africa. She began ninth grade at Westminster High School, and after graduating from Westminster, she came to the Mount.

This year’s Barry Goldwater Scholarship was awarded to Anoh. Anoh, majoring in Biochemistry and aiming for a French minor began her independent research during the spring semester of her first year. She continued her research through the Summer Research Internship Award with Dr. Patrick Lombardi into the summer of 2020, sponsored by the Department of Science and Mathematics.

For Anoh, “This experience has opened up avenues such as applications for outside research opportunities, one of which I will be participating in this summer with Caltech.”

To Anoh, this opportunity has had great benefits. “I really enjoyed my research over the summer, and was able to learn a lot of techniques and processes that have enhanced my experience in my science courses,” she said. Anoh is incredibly grateful to have had these experiences and what has come from them.

Anoh also believes her work with Lombardi was a large factor in her applying to the Goldwater Scholarship. She is thankful for both Lombardi and his teachings and also for “Dr. McCauslin, Dr. Patterson and the Fellowships Office for the help, organization and time that went into this achievement.”


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