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  • Abigail Zinzi

Predictable Ending of Super Bowl

Abigail Zinzi

Super Bowl LVIII  recently happened and Mount students were roaring with excitement. The Super Bowl is a time where people of all ages and backgrounds get together to watch the biggest night on television. For the Mount, all students can get involved! The sports management majors watch with excitement for their future, the communication majors watch with excitement for advertisements, business majors watch with enthusiasm over the amount of money being made and even the science majors can get a kick out of the velocity of the football throws.

This year Super Bowl LVIII was hosted in Las Vegas and was played between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs were defending their title win after beating the Philadelphia Eagles in a heartbreaking loss for them last year. A large population of Mount Students are not over that and have stated they would not be rooting for the Chiefs due to the fiasco that took place in the fourth quarter of last year’s Super Bowl.

With the Mount being in Maryland, there are a lot of disappointed Ravens fans roaming the campus with a tad bit of resentment towards the Chiefs (and maybe even Taylor Swift!) A lot could argue that Mount students that are Ravens fans did not root for a Chiefs’ win. For the three-time winner, five-time appearance Chiefs, it seems like most of the Mount, and America, were against their win on February 11, 2024.

Per a poll I put out for Mount Students, 68% voted for the 49ers and 32% voted for the Chiefs. The reason many are rooting for the 49ers is because many NFL fans were hoping for a downfall to Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs kingship. For one Mountaineer, Jules Bertolini (C’25), she was rooting for Usher, this year’s Super Bowl Halftime performer.



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