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  • Kelly Blanco

Photographic Memories

Kelly Blanco

Looking back to my sophomore year, I started to get more involved on campus as some aspects of college life were returning to normal.

When I first joined the Echo, I was a writer, and I learned so much from some fellow alums and Dr. Kumar; all of whom guided me through the ins and outs.

Although I was only a writer for the spring semester of my sophomore year, this prepared me to write on tight deadlines and always be prepared for quick turnarounds. This helped me tremendously, as I was transitioning into my new communications major.

I was never confident about my writing, but my peers and mentors showed me that with the resources provided, you can learn and strive.

During this time, I took pictures here and then, but I quickly learned this was something I wanted to do more often. Fall of 2022, I interned with Sports Information, and I learned so much about photography.

A year later, I decided to come back to the Echo and put everything into practice. Coming back during my senior year opened me to different opportunities on campus, as it also allowed me to meet different faculty that I would not have met if it wasn’t for The Mountain Echo.

Being a part of this community also allowed me to create a portfolio that I could then share with future employers.

 As I finish my time at the Echo and the Mount, I urge current students to get involved but also create and maintain relationships with faculty.

You will learn lifetime lessons and important skills that will forever be useful no matter where you end up.  



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