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  • Jade' Curtis

Passion for Public Service

Miriam Crouse (C’22) is dedicated to public works and she attributes that to her upbringing. Her parents never forced religion on to her, allowing her to decide for herself to volunteer and do public works. Being involved with her parish and the Girl Scouts, she was able to participate in many service projects. At one point, she served in four different service projects in four days.

Crouse knows that the volunteer work she completed when she was younger has guided her to where she is today. She has worked with the intellectually disabled, in soup kitchens and she even teaches French to young girls at the National Shrine of Elizabeth Ann Seton.

A significant accomplishment for Crouse this year has been her ability to complete her internship with Mid Shore Pro Bono, an organization based in Easton, Md. that provides legal services to those most in need. Her previous internship had been canceled due to COVID-19, yet luckily, she could work with Mid Shore Pro Bono.

In a previous internship, Crouse worked for the Maryland General Assembly. She worked closely with the Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Amanda Krause in her internship and her summer research assistantship.

Overall, Crouse is excited for her senior year and happy to be back in the classroom despite the many projects she will have to complete this academic year. After graduation, Crouse plans to serve the community by staying involved with public service. She wants to find a fulfilling career with the government or State Department, become a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in South Korea and plans to apply to the French government for its teaching assistantships.

While Crouse does have a busy schedule, she finds places around the Mount to relax. Her favorite place on campus is the fountain and she likes to walk up to the Grotto. Outside of the classroom, Crouse is a part of the Mount’s club soccer team, she is the president of the French club and she recently joined the astronomy society. Though, as Crouse laughs, she says, “I am not a woman in S.T.E.M.”

While Crouse is involved in campus activities, she still wishes there was a club gymnastics team as she had done competitive gymnastics for 10 years. Crouse enjoys hanging out with her friends, going to H Mart in Frederick and hiking. She has been committed to public service for a while now and is excited to continue her journey of helping others in the future.


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