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  • Emily Cowan

Ornament Painting Event

On Nov. 11, the class of 2024, Student Government Association hosted an Ornament Painting Night for all students at Mount St. Mary’s University. The event was held at the Palmieri Activities Center. This was the class of 2024 November event.

Students have a blast decorating their ornaments: Rachel Neal, Ashley Kibet, Lexi Siperko, Monserrat Hernandez, Abbie Grassmyer, Emily Olsen

During the event students were provided cookies and hot chocolate to enjoy themselves while painting and hanging out with friends. The SGA also played Christmas music throughout the event, including Christmas song covers by popular artists as well as some classics.

Upon entering the PAC, all the tables were covered in red plastic sheets to protect them from the paint. At the center of the tables were paper plates with red, black, blue, green, white and yellow paint for students to use along with paintbrushes and water cups to clean their brushes in between colors.

There were a variety of little wood ornaments to choose from such as reindeer, snowmen, angels, stars, Christmas trees and more. All students were allowed to have two ornaments to start.

When it came to painting, some students stuck to common colors and ideas while others let their imagination run wild. Some even took the opportunity to make an easy and free Christmas present for family members. Rachel Perine (C’25) painted a small picture of her cat, Bub.

Abby Finafrock (C’25) also made a few creative ornaments including one based on her favorite book. Her favorite part of the night was “seeing everyone else’s ornaments as well as their creativity.”

The event was a big hit with students of all graduating years coming to take part in the festivities. This was a highly attended event, there was even a line build-up at the table where the various ornaments were set out.

The SGA was grateful to all those who attended. They made an announcement to thank them as well as individually go around the room to thank students. They were also attentive to the needs of the students, asking if they needed anything and giving out cups with clean water for the brushes.

Halfway through the painting, students were encouraged to get more ornaments yet again because there was plenty to go around.

The event was a way to get students ready for the upcoming holiday season. Students were feeling the Christmas cheer, some even humming along to their favorite songs that played over the speakers.

While this was not an event that all students could enjoy due to ornaments connotation with Christmas, it was still a lot of fun. Hopefully in the future there will be more opportunities for students to come together and let their creativity shine through art in a more neutral setting.

Many students are excited to see what the SGA’s December event will be since they all enjoyed the painting. Hopefully, the event will be a reoccurring one to allow students to relax and have fun with their friends.


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