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  • Gabrielle Hendricks

Olivia Rubini Concert: A Night to Remember

Rubini Performing for Mount Students. Photo credits: Abby Finafrock

Olivia Rubini (C’21) showcased her musical talent at an AMP event on March 12. The night was energetic, full of Mount pride and showcased the support given as a Mount family for student success.

The Olivia Rubini concert started off slowly but soon became enthralling and spirited. Rubini was accompanied by the artist Dogfish who opened the concert. Dogfish played bass filled indie rock music. The music was easy to vibe to for those who enjoy bands such as Tame Impala or Artic Monkeys.

Dogfish had the vocal cords to support the power of the instruments played during their set. Everyone enjoyed the opening and became more engrossed in the music as the set went along. The lively energy permeated throughout the PAC.

After an hour of listening to the fresh music of Dogfish, Rubini came out to perform. She had the appearance of a rock star--rocking a mullet, wearing platform boots, leather pants and a white poet blouse. Her winged eyeliner and sparkly eyeshadow were also eye-catching under the purple stage lights.

Rubini had a different yet complementing sound to Dogfish. Her music was a mix of organic pop and rock. She performed songs from her albums and covers from soulful artists such as Harry Styles and Coldplay. Throughout her set Rubini displayed her Mount pride by repeating “bleed blue baby”. It was awesome to see a rocker like Rubini showing her love for the school.

Rubini ended the concert with an unreleased song called the “Light of Now”. Everyone cheered for and celebrated the amazing performance she gave them. It was telling of how much students enjoyed Rubini’s and Dogfish’s talent.

The concert was exuberant. When talking about the concert, Kellyann Palm (C’22) said, “It made me feel really excited. I think it’s so cool to see a Mount grad doing that.”

Olivia, coming from a place of relatability and entering the exciting world of music, was inspirational for students such as Palm.

Students also had their favorite picks of songs. Ryan Delgado (C’22) said, “My favorite song was the last one performed by Olivia, it was definitely a great song to end off with.” “The Light of Now” was soulful and displayed the strength of Rubini’s voice and lyrical prowess.

Rubini’s talents were apparent to all. Mary Stratton, a graduate assistant, said, “I think she’s the most talented person on this campus right now and probably in the state.”

Rubini shared her inspirational climb to musical success. She is humble and grateful to those who helped guide her through the journey. She talked about how her dad is a music producer and how she fell in love with music watching him produce other artists’ songs.

“When I was 16, I did my first single and it’s been going ever since, it’s been a lovely ride,” she remarked. It was great for those who attended the concert to see how truly lovely the ride has been for her.

Rubini also gave veneration for professors at the Mount who supported her such as Dr. Maureen Oakley, Dr. Michael Towle and Dr. Amanda Beal (now Krause) saying, “They have all been so supportive of me academically and musically. I love all of them and they always support me in everything.

She noted how she wanted to come back. “Being back is awesome, the crowd was awesome, it was fantastic,” Rubini added.


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