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  • Ashley Torkornoo

O’ the Places Mount Students Will Go

As everyone wraps up the spring 2022 Semester at Mount St. Mary’s University, it is time to take a look back on the year as the future for Mount seniors. When caught up in the flow of coursework and extracurricular activities, it is easy for undergraduate students to feel overwhelmed. Michelle Zelayla, a first-year student at the Mount, expressed how she felt about managing her coursework, “I overall feel in a good place in terms of time management however I do get anxious from time to time.” Despite this, she has a positive outlook “I’m looking forward to ending the semester strong and enjoying the warm weather with friends!”

Another student had similar sentiments concerning her academics, “Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. My grades aren't bad, but not what I am used to getting.” But they commented on feeling supported by faulty during these tough times, “A lot of professors make sure their students are doing well and show they care.”

For seniors, the end of Spring 2022 means a closing of a chapter. Graduating can invoke great fear and excitement. Finding work after graduation is the concern of most seniors, Matthew Jenkins though feels well equipped to enter the work field. “I do feel like I’m prepared for a career, and I mostly attribute that to the fact that a requirement for my major was to have an internship in my field of study, which was definitely a valuable experience for me,” Jenkins stated.

When asked what his post-graduation plans are, Jenkins explained, “My post-graduation plans are to find a job and begin the long process of saving enough money to rent a house if possible. If I win the lottery, maybe I can even retire by the time I’m 80. In all seriousness, I may take a month just to have a break. My band also has its first official gig in June, so I will spend the time I have off preparing for that.”

Another senior, Megan Chow, also felt prepared to enter the workforce. “I feel that the mount has prepared me for my career because there are many professors and the career center that offer help whether it is from fixing your resume or practicing for an interview.”

Thinking about the future while balancing one’s academics can be a difficult challenge. Student stress can be combated when given something to look forward to, for Chow that is the case. “I am looking forward to presenting my senior seminar research, senior dance, and graduating,” she said.

One junior expressed their excitement for sunny days. “I am looking forward to warm weather,” they exclaimed.

No matter what the future holds, there’s one thing for certain, Mount St. Mary’s has educated a group of resilient leaders who are confident in their abilities. Wherever life takes the class of 2022, they are sure to go far.

For students struggling these last few weeks, Zelayla has some words of encouragement. "It’s ok to be stressed, it ok to have a bad day but it’s never ok to be mean remember being nice is always easier.”


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