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  • McKenna Pomory

Night Against Procrastination – Preparation for Finals Week

Therapies Dogs Support Mount Students During The Night Against Procrastination

With final exams right around the corner, many students are feeling overwhelmed by last minute work from their fall semester classes and the amount of studying they have to do for finals. The Center for Student Engagement and Success held their annual Night Against Procrastination on Sunday, Dec. 5 in Phillips Library. Between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., Mount students were able to drop by Phillips Library and participate in various activities aimed to help them finish off the fall semester in a good place.

To aid students in studying, peer tutors were available in various subjects to give advice regarding exam week, study tips and assistance completing assignments. CSES Peer Leaders were also available to answer additional questions related to finals week. Tutoring was available for ACCT 101 & 201, BIOL 110 & 298, BUS 250, CHEM 100, 101 and 201, CMSCI 120, 125, 254 and 277, DATA 200, FSYM 101, ITALN 101, MATH 211, 228 & 247, PHIL 203, PSYCH 100, SPAN 101 and WCIV 201. The Writing Center and Mount librarians also offered their services to help any student in need of support.

Emily Holland, Student Success Librarian, said, “I would argue that especially with it being the end of the semester, and everyone who is feeling swamped by that, events like this give them a one stop shop for all the support that they need to power through the end.” Holland added, “If they came in last night, then they had tutors in basically every subject area, they had the support from the Writing Center, and they had the support from the librarians, all available at one time. So, you know, basically within that seven to 10 window, they could stop by at their own convenience and swoop through and hit all the stops.”

Therapy dogs were also available for Mount members to interact with from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the library. The therapy dogs provided students with a much-needed break from studying and gave them the chance to interact with other students as well. This addition to the Night Against Procrastination event proved to be a huge success as they always seemed to be surrounded by a large group of people throughout the night.

The university was unable to hold the Night Against Procrastination event last year due to the pandemic, however the event last night could have been considered the most successful one held over the years. The event was so successful that the library was out of hot chocolate only 30 minutes into the evening. The Phillips Library staff and CSES hope to achieve the same success in all semesters going forward. Students who are feeling overwhelmed by final exams are encouraged to take advantage of the learning services provided to them and visit the library during their extended hours for the week of finals.


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