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  • Natalie Solano

New Director Brings Procedural and Restorative Justice

Ron Hibbard has been named the new Public Safety Director of the Mount. Hibbard spent 24 years as a deputy with the Sheriff’s Office in Frederick County and held various positions throughout his career with the sheriff’s office. “I think this has helped prepare me for the position because I have seen what works, like procedural justice policies, and what doesn’t, things like zero-tolerance policies,” Hibbard stated.

Hibbards holds a master’s degree in Emergency Management, and has attended the FBI National Academy, which is the nation’s premiere law enforcement command college. Hibbard’s career has witnessed a community grow in diversity. “This taught me to value and respect differences. The university is a reflection of our society and I am looking forward to continuing to learn and grow with the members of this community,” he added.

Karington Smith (C’21) SGA Executive Vice President believes that Hibbard truly wants to help and connect with the students. He spoke with her to talk about a public safety advisory committee with four judges as part of our three branches of government. Students will be able to apply to serve in this role to keep students safe during campus activities. According to Smith, he is truly here to serve us.

“Moving forward, he wants to be a lot more involved with students because he wants to make this campus be community-based. He wants us to be a part of the whole process,” Smith stated confidently.

Dean of Students, Dr. Levi Esses believes that Hibbard is a strong leader with great experience. “We want students to feel they belong here at the Mount. I think he will assist the student life division by helping students continue to feel safe and ensuring that his team is visible, approachable and available,” Esses said of Hibbard. Both Esses and Hibbard have placed an emphasis on making students feel like they belong here at the Mount.

Hibbard is willing to answer questions any students might have for him. He started his mission by sending the Mount community informational messages that included safety tips. He will continue by making decisions that are in line with the principles of procedural and restorative justice. Hibbard wants Public Safety to be fair in every process, transparent with its actions and provide the opportunity for its voice to be heard.

He wishes that the Public Safety Advisory Committee will further improve the student and Public Safety relationship by meeting with the committee regularly and having the opportunity to shape the department and develop its practices.

“My main priority is the students at Mount St. Mary’s University. All the actions I take, the initiatives I develop and the services the department provides are designed with service to the students at their core,” he explained.


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