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  • Joanna Kreke

MSMU Battle SFU in Women's Basketball

Kayla Agentowicz faces off against Saint Frances University

On Jan. 29 , Mount St. Mary’s Women’s Basketball team faced off Saint Francis University at the Knott Arena. Despite a strong stance from the Mount, SFU won 70-58.

This was scheduled as the Homecoming game; however, most of the usual activities surrounding Homecoming were canceled or postponed due to the pandemic.

Before the game started, Michaela Harrison (C’22) was honored for breaking the school record for all-time three’s made in Women’s Basketball with 238 three-point field goals. The last time this record was broken was in 2004. During this game, she surpassed her own record and is now sitting at 248. She was escorted on the court by Head Coach Antoine White and by her parents Natasha and Lemoyne Humphrey.

The Mount started the game strong with a five-point lead and a seven-point scoring run. Kendall Bresee (C’22) scored the first field goal and led both teams with 22 points overall. Isabella Hunt led the Mount with the most rebounds and Bresee led with the most assists.

Jordan McLemore (C’22) led SFU with 19 points. Jada Dapaa (C’22) led both teams with 20 rebounds and seven assists.

Despite the teams tying four times, SFU kept a steady lead throughout the game. Their new record is 6-4 in the Northeast Conference and 6-15 overall. The Mount’s new record is 5-5 in their conference and 7-10 overall.


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