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  • Alexis Mobley

Mr.Mount's Long-Awaited Comeback

Alexis Mobley

The Mr. Mount pageant returns to the Mount after its last show six years ago in 2018. The show was discontinued due to low attendance, but it had made its return.  On March 8, nine male student participants went on to compete for the title of Mr. Mount. The Mr. Mount competition is an annual competition hosted by Student Activities and AMP. But there is also a charity aspect to it.  

Director Steven Foster of Student Activities said that in previous years, they used to charge people for admission to events where they could buy canned goods and they would give them to charity. “When we brought it back, the charity was a big part of the want to continue this tradition through Help Kids Heal and the Center for Service.” 

During the competition, the participants would introduce themselves plus the charity they represent, answer questions the judges asked them and showcase their talent. Based on the views of the audience, and who they wanted to vote for. Whoever wins, their money will go to the charity that they represent.  

“I think this event is important because of the charity,” Foster says. “Students can cheer on their fellow students and friends. All contestants were nominated by other students. It’s just a great way to build community with students at the Mount. I hope this builds a foundation in the community so we can have it year after year.” 

Brevan Heaton (C’24) was this year’s winner of the Mr. Mount completion. Brevan says while he did not nominate himself for Mr. Mount, he was interested in competing because he felt like he was a good representative of the University from his participation in multiple clubs on campus.  

Heaton added, “I also like to perform and compete, and this competition was a good mix of both, and since it was for charity, it made it an even more worthwhile event as I was competing and performing for a good cause.”  

Heaton says that he learned that there are so many different groups of children that need help throughout the country, “As I heard of the different charities that the other guys were representing, it made me realize how there is so much to be done to help the children of our country.”  

Heaton expressed that it felt great to win, he was excited when it was announced, “I don’t brag about accomplishments like this, but it did feel nice to be voted the winner by my peers and my friends as well as the judges. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and for coming to support not only myself but also the other guys who were competing. We could not have done it without the support of those around us!” 

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