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  • Jade' Curtis

Movie Review On Clueless

Clueless is a classic 90s romantic comedy based in Beverly Hills, California. The main character, Cher Horowitz, is introduced as a high-maintenance blonde who only cares for what she wears but also having fun. Cher’s best friend, Dionne Davenport, is like Cher in many ways, with the basis of their friendship being that they both understand what it feels like to have others be jealous of them. Cher’s ex-stepbrother, Josh, from her father’s previous marriage, seems to be the least of Cher’s cares. She even questions his presence, since Cher’s father was Josh’s stepfather for only a short time. The movie continues to show the life of Cher, but a new student, Tai Frasier, interrupts the normalcy of Cher’s life. Cher feels that her life has become boring, because Josh has said she does nothing other than go to the mall and spend money.

To fight her boredom, Cher makes Tai and the budding romance of two teachers her new “projects” to work on. Cher first coerces the relationship of her two teachers. She writes a note for one of the teachers pretending to be the other, making that the catalyst for the relationship to start. Cher’s transformation of Tai changes Tai’s character entirely. Tai was once a redhead who liked drawing and smoking, but Cher removed Tai’s red hair dye, and turned her into someone who only wanted popularity. Cher no longer knew how to control her friend, so they stopped being friends. Cher only interacts more with Tai when she finds out that she likes her ex-stepbrother, Josh. Cher spends all day contemplating why Tai would like Josh, saying that there is nothing likeable about him. It was only through her internal monologue does she realize that she likes Josh. Cher’s demeanor suddenly changes when she is around Josh. She tries to do good things for others so that Josh will see her as a good person. When Josh comes to her defense from her father’s employee, he admits that he does see her as a good person, and she is beautiful. He then kisses her, which takes her by surprise, but she then smiles and kisses him back.

Clueless is a great romantic comedy for the Valentine’s Day weekend. It is funny with so many quotable lines, and the outfits are the epitome of 90s fashion. This movie never fails to make me laugh, and I always notice something new every time I re-watch it. A favorite character in this movie is Cher. She is not a bad person to begin with, but she does become more compassionate throughout the movie. She also becomes more personable, because she interacts with everyone, rather than only those who are popular. Cher’s personality change makes those watching the movie want to become friends with her. While watching this movie, no one can say that they do not get jealous of Cher’s closet. Her closet was definitely ahead of its time, being that this movie was made in 1995. The most questionable thing about this movie is the fact that Cher falls in love with her ex-stepbrother. While they were not siblings for a long time, they were still siblings – step-siblings at one point. Cher’s quotable line “As if!” always comes to mind when thinking of her relationship with Josh.

Overall, this movie is something unforgettable. Whether watching it alone or with a group, laughs will be heard all around. This movie will continue to transcend time, with the replication of its fashion, its plot for music videos, and its catchphrases. Clueless is a one of a kind movie.


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