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  • Abigail Zinzi

Mount's Busy Homecoming Weekend

Abigail Zinzi

At the PAC On Nov. 26 AMP hosted our annual Homecoming Dance. Many students attended the dance in their homecoming attire. Something that stood out about this dance was the memorabilia. Students who attended got wristbands and keychains.

This was different from other AMP events where normal food was served. Many students enjoyed other amenities such as the photo booths and the DJ. 

Throughout PAC there were amazing decorations. Things such as balloons, tablecloths and center pieces, and backdrops were used. The building was lit up differently that added a different ambiance from other events held at the PAC.

A first-year student, Emma Spring (C’25) stated in an interview, “it was better than the last homecoming. I loved how the dance was on a Friday so people who had sports could go.” 

It created a sense of community here at the Mount. Along with how she enjoyed the dance, she commented on the selection of food. Spring stated, “there were not a lot of allergy friendly foods. As a gluten person I could not eat it but from what I heard it was good.”

There was not much diversity in food. Students like Spring are looking for more dessert options and allergy friendly foods in future school events such as dances.

The homecoming dance was the only exciting thing occurring on campus during homecoming weekend. Another exciting event occurring was a heavily anticipated Basketball Double Header.


The Woman’s Basketball game kicked off the celebration with the Mountaineers facing against Niagara’s Purple Eagles. The team played hard but ultimately lost 80-63 after a hard fight.

In between the Women’s and Men’s basketball games the Alumni Social occurred. This allowed formal Mounties to come together in the fieldhouse.

This allowed for Alumni to see past friends and get together to reminisce on the many different memories created and shared at the Mount. It was also a wonderful opportunity for current Mount students to see old friends that graduated. 

When everyone took their seats for the game we watched as the class of 2024 Mount Hall of Fame inductees went onto the court. Lynn Robinson was an inductee who stood out to many of the students. The beloved Athletic Director was finally eligible for induction. 

On the other hand, the energy in the stadium during the Men’s Basketball game was electric. There were many things available such as face painting along with the family friendly atmosphere. 

A student Emerson Clay (C’25) plays Trumpet for the Mount’s Pep band. During the interview Clay said, “I loved the atmosphere and the interactions with the fans. Their energy fueled us to play even louder.

The crowd being all ages of Mountaineers is reminding him that there is never as much as a diverse crowd and the mount realty feels like a family during homecoming.”   Although the Men’s team lost 62-66, nothing could bring down the energy in Knott Arena that day. 


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