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  • Jessenia Maldonado Soto

Mount On Ice

Photo credits: Jessenia Maldonado

The student-run organization AMP, known for its campus events, hosted “Mount on Ice” on Jan. 22 at the Palmieri Activities Center. During the first weekend of the spring semester, an indoor ice staking rink was provided to Mount St. Mary’s University students. Ice skates were provided and there was no admission fee. The only requirement was for attendees to abide by the mask mandate that has been standard throughout the Mount community.

As COVID-19 continues to impact the Mount community, student organizations strive to make the “college experience” as enjoyable and social as possible during a pandemic. During the pandemic, the Mount has adjusted and still strives to not only continue in-person instruction but also maintain the health and well-being of their student body.

Students were welcomed to the event with fluorescent lights and radio hits. Many pondered how AMP would pull this off. The ice effect was accomplished by a plastic mat that resembled puzzle pieces with a thin layer of melting ice inside the toasty warmth in the PAC.

Maria Stollenwerk (C'23) and Austin Bradley (C'22) getting ready to skate

Austin Bradley (C’22) went in not knowing how to ice skate, and this was not what he expected. He humorously said that he, “wanted them to spray the field with a hose and letting it freeze.”

The turnout at the event was not as successful as one would expect. The event was advertised through email, social media and of course by the members of AMP themselves. The weak turnout can be attributed to students not checking their email, personal plans or academic responsibilities. It was obvious the attempt was made, but some suggestions are: to hold the event at a bigger place, preferably outside and offer refreshments such as cookies and hot chocolate. Much gratitude extended to the AMP organization and continued anticipation by the Mount community for future events!


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