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  • Natalie Solano

Mount Graduates Earn Higher Salaries

Mount St. Mary’s University has been ranked third on GradReports's Best Colleges in Maryland by Salary Score ranking with a Salary Score of 77.61. GradReports's ranking considered 305 students in 14 different bachelor's degrees from the Mount.

GradReports ranks colleges by salary score, which is based on median alumni from the first year after receiving their degree. Outreach Specialist at Grad Reports, Sarah Glass, stated, “Grad Reports measures data over the number of graduates from programs who had filed for federal grants or loans.”

President Timothy Trainor said, “I am not surprised by this. We’ve been bragging for some time about our graduates. Back in 2019, we were ranked the number one college in Maryland for job earnings at the 10-year mark after graduation on Zippia. They did an annual ranking in that year and found that Mount graduates had the highest of any school in Maryland.”

Grad Reports research shows that after completion of a bachelor’s degree at the University, Accounting, Business and related majors have a high median salary ranging between $48,750 and $49,340.

Scores also show that receiving a master’s degree in health and medical administrative services at the Mount has the highest median salary of $73,080.

Sabrina Valenzuela (C’20) is working as a Registered Behavioral Therapist providing Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy to children with autism while attending nursing school. “I am not surprised that the Mount ranked third; the Mount definitely taught me how to be a professional but also a caring person and I take that into my job and what I do every day,” she stated.

Glass added, “Given the Mount's comparatively high early-salary information for graduates, this ranking indicates that alumni from the Mount often find careers that offer higher salaries compared to graduates from the same degree programs at other universities in Maryland. In fact, the Mount's Salary Score is not only high in Maryland but also well above the national average (which is around 50).”

Trainor added that we would say to any prospective student that “we help you find your path to living life significantly while at the Mount and after graduation.”


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