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  • Jade' Curtis

MOOV-ing Up in the World

Two Mount students, Joseph Valle (C’22) and Tyler Powell (C’22), created a new app to be used by students. MOOV, Valle and Powell’s app, has the purpose to, “connect students to their schools and their campus community. This is done through the easy-to-use social media-like app that allows students to see what is happening around them in real-time, while also giving the MOOV Makers insightful data on their event’s performance,” as said by Co-Creator Valle.

MOOV’s mission statement is everything a new first-year student would look for when confused and in a new atmosphere. “MOOV is committed to ensuring that our communities are receiving the support and attention they need. With the MOOV app, you can support some of your favorite local charities and businesses. There is nothing more important than giving back to the people around us.”

Both Valle and Powell said that Kevin Camson (C’22), a student at Notre Dame University, came to them with the idea for the app. Powell stated that, “Initially I came into the application as a developer and as time went on, I became a co-founder of the application.”

Camson, a college student during the height of COVID-19, “originally came up with the idea to increase social normality during covid and promote social growth during hard times,” according to Powell. Once Powell and Valle joined Camson the actual creation of MOOV began.

Valle, Powell and Camson have been working on MOOV for quite some time. “The application has been in development for around a year,” Powell stated. “At each school along the way we have found new improvements and features that have made the application you can see today. The application is meant to be ever-evolving to fit the needs of students.”

An aspect of the app that continuously reels users in is that it was strictly created by students for students and responds to the changing needs of students. Aside from Powell, Valle and Camson, other Mount students like Maura Herron (C’22) and Abby Zinzi (C’25) have also contributed to the development and success of MOOV.

After graduation, both Valle and Powell plan to continue working on MOOV. Valle said, “I plan on continuing working full time on MOOV so that we may bring this platform to other schools! On the side, I will be doing freelance mobile and web development.”

Powell said that his focus after graduation is, “Continuing the growth of MOOV and working with other organizations to promote the tool will be my full-time focus.”

In their four years at the Mount, both Valle and Powell recall their memorable moments. For Valle, he said, “I think the most memorable moment I had was just living in the dorms during freshman year.”

For Powell, he said, “The most memorable moment I have had at Mount St. Mary’s was orientation week during my freshman year. There were so many cool events and exciting things happening around campus!”

Congratulations to Valle and Powell, and good luck!

The MOOV website can be accessed at this link.


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