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  • Gabrielle Hendricks

Migrant Crisis and States' Rights

Gabrielle Hendricks

On Jan. 14, Joseph Biden’s Administration sent Border Patrol to the Texas-Mexican border along the Rio Grande to take down the barb wire fence after three migrants [one woman and two children] drowned.

Despite Biden’s demands, Gov. Greg Abbott would not back down, and directed the Texas National Guard to defend the fence against Border Patrol.

The Biden administration took the case over the barb wire fence, which has been ongoing since last year, to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The court ruled in favor of the federal government. This decision has spurred on the on-going discussion about the border crisis and has opened up the debate if the federal government is unconstitutionally overstepping states’ rights.

Ever since the court’s ruling, other state governors who have supported Abbott since the beginning have sent their National Guard troops to Texas to help the defend the border from illegal crossings. Around 10,000 migrants cross the U.S.-Mexican borders per day, 3,000 alone going through Texas.

This has placed a strain on states, as they cannot track and verify which crossers are asylum seekers and which ones have bad intentions. In Texas, every crossing would be illegal under Senate Bill 4, which bans sanctuary cities, as the crisis is ridiculously out of control in the state.

Texas has every right to defend its border. Other governors have backed up Abbott in his decision to defend the border. Numerous southern and western states are on Texas’ side as they are experiencing the bulk of people entering their borders and causing insecurity, monetarily wise and legal wise, which is a problem the northern states do not have to face as much.

Indiana has already sent their National Guard to Texas to help defend the border. As of writing this article, Louisiana is planning to send their National Guard too.

Not only do some states support Texas, but the constitution does as well, which is why the Supreme Court Decision ruling with Biden was unjust. According to Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government and shall protect each of them against Invasion.” Texas is experiencing an invasion of illegal aliens and has every right to defend its borders according to the foundational law of the country.

The Biden Administration and Supreme Court is not only violating Texas and its supporters, and the constitution, but also the rights and safety of the American people. The U.S. is currently experiencing a fentanyl and opioids epidemic, which has killed more than 111,000 Americans in 2023 alone. Fentanyl and opioids are mainly pedaled through the U.S.-Mexican border, along with other illegal drugs.

The number of migrants coming in the country has also affected the well-being of established marginalized groups in the U.S. For example, Chicago, a predominantly black city, has been turned into a sanctuary city without the consent of the people.

Funds that would have went to schools and communities in Chicago have been given over to migrants and their needs. The Biden Administration and the left is supposed to champion the rights of marginalized Americans but is instead betraying them to take care of people who do not have legal status in the country.

The affect of mass migration from Latin America does not only hurt Americans, but the migrants themselves. Human trafficking is a reality for a lot of migrants, with many owing the coyotes [people who smuggle migrants] to cross and being indebted to them.

This places migrants into having to do slave labor to pay off their debts. This labor includes things such as prostitution and selling drugs. The migrants typically have no rights or protections due to being illegal, making them easy targets.

The Biden Administration and Supreme Court should be ashamed of their unconstitutional actions. Abbott and his supporters are fighting the good fight to protect the rights of the American people.

The U.S. needs to defend its borders and Latin American countries need to solve their own issues and help protect their people as well.



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