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  • Kelly Blanco

Michaela Harrison Breaks Mount School Record

Photo credit: Jojo Koffi Aka

Mount St. Mary’s Michaela Harrison (C’22) has now become the all-time Mount leader in made three pointers in a win against Merrimack on Jan. 17. Harrison broke the record by making 238 three pointers, surpassing Myriam Baccouche’s record that she had set back in 2004, a record that stood for 18 years.

Most athletes would say that they had their mind set on beating a division record, but Harrison looked at this accomplishment as something you earn when you work hard and stay consistent. The number 238 was not something Harrison had planned for, nor her number one goal to reach. At the end of the day, her goal is to win games, but she experienced a rush of excitement and joy; especially to be supported by such a wonderful family-oriented team.

Harrison emphasized the tremendous amount of support she received from her team, “We are all so close off the court, so it helps on the court that we trust each other and want to see each other succeed.”

During the heat of the moment such as the one Harrison went through breaking the record, it is hard to fathom what the true experience of what is felt in those moments. Harrison said, “It was a crazy feeling and honestly it didn't really hit me till after the game, obviously when I could sit and on it.” When reflecting it on it, the number one thing that she felt was that it was “extremely humbling” to her basketball career.

In order for Harrison to accomplish these amazing and outstanding records, she has noticed that she has to “mentally stay strong” and has noticed that it has helped her improve her overall performance, especially after a bad game day. It was crucial for Harrison to learn that type of mentality due to the rough start that this Mount team has had to the season. This rough start included a lot of facing stiffer competition and losing by a large margin. Regardless of the start, Harrison said that it would “only make it easier for them in conference; as far as the physicality and endurance.” That has challenged the team tremendously but is paying off for them now.

Although Harrison has accomplished a lot in her collegiate basketball career, there is more she wants to accomplish. The main accomplishment is to win another division championship and get to March Madness. With the team starting to catch fire at a good time, there is much to look forward to with this Mount squad. There are more exciting things to come with Harrison and the Mountaineers.


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