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  • Alexis Mobley

Love or Foolishness?: Reesa Teesa TikTok Story of Betrayl

Alexis Mobley

A story about a marriage and lies goes viral on TikTok. Reesa Teesa, or Teresa Johnson, a woman on TikTok creates a series about her marriage to a man she calls “Legion” that eventually ended in a divorce when finding out her husband lied about his identity.

Johnson and Legion met on a dating app in 2020 before the shutdown. They hit it off after the first date and they got married shortly after. But when Johnson needs a background check for her new job, it reveals disturbing truths about the man she was married to.

The background check revealed that Legion had fabricated his entire life story, including past marriages, his jobs and even a child they never had. After finding out this information, they divorced within five months, leaving Johnson alone to reflect on the choices she made.

Ever since her story went viral, it has gained multiple reactions and opinions from those who have heard the story. People have supported her, and others have said that she was dumb for not doing a background check on Legion herself before she married him.

Now, calling her dumb is a bit harsh. Should she have done more research on him before she decided to marry him? Yes, maybe she should have. All these lies and deceit could have easily put Johnson’s safety at risk. Luckily, that was not the case here.

In all, Johnson was just another victim of hurtful lies in a relationship. She saw the good in Legion in the beginning. But once that goodness started to fade away in their relationship and his true colors showed, she tried so hard to believe that her ex-husband was always the good man that she believed him to be.

Johnson saw that Legion was a man that was willing to take care of her and she took her chances. It is not her fault that her emotions clouded her judgment, we cannot control who we fall in love with.



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