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Lighted Corners wins Gold Medal

Dated as far as 1981, the “Lighted Corners” magazine has been the literary work that publishes poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, fine art and photography created by Mount students. Aside from holding memberships with the Press Association, the Associated Collegiate Press and the Society for Collegiate Journalists and publishing the first digital copy in 2020, the magazine has won the Gold medal from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA).

Dr. Thomas Bligh, 14-year advisor of the magazine said, “The magazine’s highest scores were in the Essentials and Visual categories. Overall, the magazine earned 926 out of a possible 1,000 points.”

“Lighted Corners” is a truly collaborative endeavor that includes students from a variety of majors, not just English or Communication. Students from the Department of Visual and Performing Arts often lead the way. We never know what to expect when we look through the submission pile—it is thrilling to discover talented students and a privilege to share their work with our campus community, Bligh added.

Editor Maria Stollenwerk (C’23) stated, “When I found out the magazine won the Gold medal, I was so excited. The first thing I did was tell my parents and start bragging that I helped contribute to the magazine. I was extremely happy to say the least.”

Stollenwerk hopes that another edition will be available by the end of the semester as editors and poets are working hard to publish.

“I appreciate the people, I enjoy reading and viewing others' creative works and I love bringing people together through something that I help design. One of the best feelings as an editor has to be the moment when the physical, printed copy of the magazine sits in my hands for the first time,” quipped the “Lighted Corners” Editor in Chief, Rachel Donohue (C’21).

She made a powerful statement about how the “Lighted Corners” has taught her a lot about advocacy, collaboration and leadership.

Creative students around campus have finally had a chance to have a spotlight due to the Gold medal award from CSPA.

Jazlyn Ibarra (C’21), who is majoring in English and Communication and wrote the poem “Forever”, said that she wrote the poem on her own time for an English class taught by Bligh. The poem was inspired by her deceased grandfather who sparked its conception. “I am talking about my grandfather, Mario Carrero, who passed three years ago. He was one of the first important people whom I have lost in my life. He was a deeply religious man and when I went to write this poem, I had no idea I would write about him. To be honest I am not quite sure what made me write about him. I never know what I am going to write about before I start to write.”

Bligh shares that the magazine will debut at the SPARC festival in April. More can be expected from the “Lighted Corners” magazine as the editorial team is working on its next edition for 2021.


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