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  • Alexis Mobley

LGBTQ+ Joyful Zine Event

Alexis Mobley

Jan. 30, True Colors Club hosted a zine-making event. True Colors is an organization whose purpose is to create a safe space, in a way creating a community for LGBTQ+. Their club wishes to educate and spread awareness about different the identities in modern society. 

A Zine is a self-published booklet. It contains appropriate texts and images according to the individual. Zines are usually created with magazines and other printed images. True Colors hosted the event to invite students to create their own zines.

When the True Colors board was asked about why they wanted to create this event they expressed it was because they wanted students to have a chance to express themselves. Kalina Morales (C’24) said, “Zine-making goes back to when communities such as LGBTQ+ and POC weren’t able to express themselves in the way they wanted openly. So, a zine was a simple and cheap way to spread information they thought was important to them. It's important to our community. Even if you're not LGBTQ+ it's still a fun activity to do.” She is in the Inclusion and Identity Chair and explained that zine-making is an old practice.

Jordan Crowley (C’24), Wellness and Climate Chair, stated she set goals to bring back the art form after it died out through generations. Crowley said, “It means so much to our community, but it's not as recognized as it should be because of our excessive usage of technology.” Crowley also explained why she believed this event was important to Mount Students. Saying in the interview, “The Mount has not always been accepting of the LGBTQ+ community. It's still a problem but now that we're a club on campus we want to make sure our freedom is never pushed down or pushed to the side. Everyone deserves the right to fight for what they identify as.” 

Claudia Geo (C’24) who is part of the Equity and Public Relations Chair plans to focus more on the artistic expression of zine making. “Zine making is just a way to self-express their emotions feelings and who they are.” Geo then talks about how she hopes this event helps students feel more represented. “Hopefully people understand that we are here for the students. For all the students who feel underrepresented.” 

Jay Moquete (C’24) is part of the Justice and Communication Chair. Moquete states, “If you are going through a hardship all you have to do is look at your zine to remind yourself of all these beautiful things that you are… What I noticed last semester is that a lot of people struggled with mental health and self-image issues, myself included. This is a beautiful way to remind yourself and put it in a physical form.”

Not just students involved in the club but those attending the events have similar opinions. Kaityln Diaz (C’24) states, “It helps revive stress…this helps students focus on who they are and not the scholarly part of college.” Another attendee, Kiara Watkins (C’24) stated, “I think Zine making is important to give True Colors and other LGBTQ+ a platform to spread a good message.”

True Colors gives students a space to express themselves through art. It allows for them to put positivity back into the community. This organization hopes it will give students a safe space throughout the semester where they can continue to express themselves freely.

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