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  • Gabrielle Stine

Last Year's New Faculty Recap

Gabrielle Stine

Last academic year, 12 talented new faculty members joined the Mount community. With a variety of backgrounds and experiences, this group are hard at work with much to offer Mount students.

In the Richard J. Bolte, Sr. School of Business, Associate Professors Dr. Boris Morozov, Dr. Philip van Berten and Dr. Sarah Zipp joined the faculty of Business and Sport Management. Earning his doctorate from the University of Nebraska in Omaha, Morozov’s expertise is finance.

Having earned his doctorate from Paris’ Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, van Berten adds to the faculty talent pool and teaches entrepreneurship.

Zipp earned her doctorate in the Netherlands from Erasmus University and is now the Director of Sport Management graduate program. She has taught in countries like Singapore, Japan and the UK.

Not only does her research focus on sport management, but she is also an advocate for the globalization of sport, diversity and ethical leadership, as well as leading research on the literacy of menstrual health to bring awareness and gender equality to sports internationally.

Assistant Professors Dr. Roberto De La Noval, Dr. Rika Dunlap, Dr. Mai Truong and Dr. Manuel Garzon, and Sheldon Shealer joined the College of Liberal Arts. The new CLA professors specialize in an array of disciplines, from Theology and Philosophy to World Languages, Political Science and Communication.

Shealer is a known entity at the Mount, having been an adjunct professor for many years, until last year he joined as a lecturer in the Department of Communication. With his knowledge and experience in sports communication and broadcast media, he strives to make the new ESPN program successful for the students and university.

The Mount has recently added a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis program which needed the skills and expertise of two new faculty members—Assistant Professor Dr. Rebecca Correll and Applied Behavior Analysis Clinical Director, Alexa Mochan. While Mochan provides training to students in the clinical setting, Correll has a focus on applied developmental psychology. Her research focuses on support to parents and psychological flexibility.

Aside from co-owning the Language and Behavior Center for families’ developmental support, Correll is committed to building an environment that is supportive for students in developing strong skills in behavior analytics.

Drs. Angela Mucci-Guido and Sarah Krueger are a new, but familiar, addition to the faculty in the School of Education. Krueger earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biochemistry right here at the Mount.

As a proud alumnus, she returned to the Mount to promote science and the importance higher education. She continues her research in developing small molecules with nucleic acid binding capabilities as well as pursuing her passion of making science a safe and accepting path for everyone.

Mount St. Mary’s is blessed to have these talented professors among its faculty, and the students and faculty are happy to work with some new and some familiar faces.

Although 2022 was a great year for new faculty hires, this academic year has also brought some new talent and energy to the faculty pool. Grab next month’s edition to learn about this year’s faculty hires.


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