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  • Emily Cowan

Just Sit Down and Read

Most people I know that do not read say it is because reading is boring. My initial reaction when they say that is they have never actually tried to find a book that interests them because if I were reading books like “1984” by George Orwell, I would be bored too. Now that is not to say liking “1984” is a bad thing, it just is not a book that interests me.

For most of my education, the books I read in school were picked out for me; somewhere down the line, I associated those books with the idea of reading. So, when it came time to pick up a book of my choice, I would choose one that seemed short and easy to read, not something that piqued my interest.

I wanted to enjoy reading so I set out on a mission in the sixth grade that involved a 20-dollar bill, a half an hour at the mall and Google. By the end of the trip, I left with a book in my hand and a list on my phone of books that sounded interesting but that I could not buy because of my budget. The book was “Prisoner B-3087" by Alan Gratz. It was a book about a boy captured by the Nazis and his experiences in 10 different concentration camps. I was 11 years old so at this point, I could not even tell you how it ended. All I know is that I loved it and could not stop reading.

I was not an avid reader who finished a book every week or searched for them on the internet every time I heard a new title in passing. But still, when I saw a book that I thought I would like, I picked it up. As time went on, my interests changed and I started reading fantasy in addition to historical fiction, and admittedly I indulge in contemporary romance every once and a while. That is the great thing about books; you can pretty much find anything you want. Do you like sports? There is anything from biographies to fictional experiences. Do you think Star Wars is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Sci-fi is the genre for you. Do you like superhero movies? I have two words for you, comic books. Do you want to read about women with swords? Pick up just about any YA fantasy novel ever. The list never ends.

Since coming to the Mount, I have met a few people who do like to read and a few who do not. My friend Rachel Perine (C’25) did not think reading was horrible, but she also did not go out of her way to pick up a book. Last week she jokingly picked up a book off my shelf and began reading. I had to make her start from the beginning rather than the middle of the book and to her surprise, she liked it. Just the other day, she even began borrowing one of my roommate’s books. I want to think that this was a turning point for her, but that remains to be seen.

Books that interest you are easy to find if you have the dedication to look. Reading is not dull; you are just lazy. So, find a book that interests you and sit down and read.


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