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  • Andrea Cabrera-Vargas

Junior Ring Mass Landmarks Academic Success for Class of 2024

Andrea Cabrera-Vargas

The Junior Ring Mass is a beautiful Mount traditional ceremony. The mass was held in IC Chapel on Mar. 19, at 11 am


The ceremony was beautiful, from beginning to end. The mass had a high attendance with the pews filled with family and friends. Juniors sat at the pews with smiles on their faces waiting for the moment to be able to receive their class ring, something that will change their lives forever and leave a beautiful memory for them.

They worked so hard for this moment. When Juniors received their rings from President Trainor, every Junior was in awe. Juniors will be able to now finish their year with a special ring on their fingers and continue to wear it throughout their senior year, as a reminder of where they went and came from when they head out into the real world. 

Junior Andrea Cabrera-Vargas celebrating the junior ring mass with her parents.


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