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  • Meghan Leavitt

In Memory of Shamar

Meghan Leavitt

This semester, beginning the New Year, we remember a beloved student, Shamar Webb. We remember Webb for his involvement in Student Diversity, Criminal Justice Student Association and Club Soccer. He was not just loved by fellow students but faculty as well. Many people remember him from sharing fantasy football leagues and having a love for sports.

Over the 2023-2024 winter break we have been saddened with the news that Webb has passed away. This had students shaken up due to his involvement and success around campus. Nicholas Sofia (C’26) said, “Shamar was a beautiful person there is no other way to put it.

Shamar was always there when you needed a friend. Shamar played flag football with us and watched NFL football.” He described Shamar’s character as, “A beautiful person who will be dearly missed for his laugh, his jokes and his free spirit.”

Professor Virginia McGovern has taught him in multiple Criminal Justice courses. When she spoke about Webb she said, “Shamar was a student in my cyber criminology minor and had one class to go to complete it. I expected to see him in class this spring and was shocked by his death.”

McGovern described him as, “A wonderful student and person. He often stayed after class to chat about random things. He was always happy, and kind and he will be truly missed.”

The sentiments of Webb’s friends and professors reflect the sentiments of the Mount Community. In spirit, he will always be a part of the Mount community.


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