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  • Matthew Schwanke

In Memoriam: Keagan's Friends Remember Him

Matthew Schwanke

"I didn’t really have many interactions with Keagan, but the few that I had were touching. In those few interactions I can’t remember what we talked about, how we started the conversation or what we were doing, but I clearly remember the feeling of joyful energy I felt when I was talking with him. He made me feel as though I was already his friend before I even got to know him. Whenever I’d see him around, he would say hi and was always so friendly, always with a smile. I didn’t need to be friends with him to know that he was impactful in people’s lives. He impacted my life simply by listening. He impacts me even now, by listening to the way he treated people, with love." — Yasier Herrera

Keagan was an amazing friend, and he cared for others even if he did not know them. He always made sure everyone was confident and happy and he would bring smiles and joy to every space he would enter. He was someone that loved to live his life and wanted everyone to do the same. He will forever be remembered in everyone’s heart. Keagan, we miss you, may you rest in peace. — Andrea Cabrera Vargas 

I met Keagan my first year of college. From the moment I met him, I knew how lovable he was. He was a lovable person that truly touched more lives than I think he ever knew. He was such a special person to the Mount community, and he will forever be loved and missed. I am so happy I got to share my study abroad experience in Florence with him in spring of 2022. I will hold our memories close to my heart forever. — Lyla Kline 

Keagan could make friends with anyone, and always knew how to make everyone around him laugh. — Emily Van Kerckhove

Keagan and his friends enjoying a winter day together at the Mount

Photo by: Meghan Fleming


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