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Heads or Trails

With spring quickly approaching in the next couple of weeks, people will be itching to get outside and go on walks once again. Once more will we see the moms walking around the neighborhood with each other multiple times a day or see the same dog taking walks, their owners looking exhausted. Regardless, it’s a great time of year to get outside and get moving. Emmitsburg is in the middle of nowhere so you’re probably wondering, “Where am I going to go on walks around here?” Well, I have some recommendations of places for you to try!

If you live on campus, I recommend hiking up to the Grotto, which you can access behind Terrace or the IC Chapel. There are many steps to climb up to get you there, so you will definitely be getting a good workout in. Once you arrive at the top, you can continue your walk by following the path past the gate at the entrance of the Grotto to experience even more serenity and peace.

Looking for other places? Head down to the East side of campus and go on a walk or run on the Elizabeth DiNunzio Memorial Trail, located at the entrance of the ARCC. The trail is two miles long and features the stunning mountains throughout your journey on the trail. It loops around the ARCC, so you are guaranteed to not get lost. I love going on long walks with friends or runs at sunset on this trail not only because of the scenic beauty, but because of the convenience of it being so close to where I live.

For commuter students who live in the city of Emmitsburg, walking down the streets is a great way to get a workout and it’s also very relaxing. I recommend going with friends. My favorite place that my roommates and I go to is the E. Eugene Myers Community Park located behind Emmitsburg Elementary School. This park features a .49-mile fitness trail, which encourages people to use the equipment scattered at various points along the trail to get some strength training in as you are on your walk or run. It is a different way to exercise and can be very fun. This is the spot that I visit the most. I try to go to the park with my roommates at least three times a week to either go on walks, runs or even try out the equipment on the trail. For me personally, walking is a great way to clear my head and feel at peace. I hope that some of these suggestions come to mind next time you find yourself wanting to go on a walk.


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