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  • Angelica Tyler

Heading in the Right Direction with the Career Center

The Mount’s Career Center is an on-campus resource that allows students and alumni to develop their future careers. It provides students with the insight to make the best decision for their future endeavors. While students get the opportunity to work with a fantastic team of staff to guide them through their career journey, the Career Center offers an abundance of services to enhance their skills throughout their time at the Mount.

The Career Center offers counseling, such as creating or developing resumes and cover letters. While students get the assistance they need, this will help students with potential jobs or internship opportunities. The office always offers a four-year program which is called The Career Action Plan. CAP helps students improve their career development in a structured manner. This program includes activities that will increase students’ skills and abilities, which will give them a sense of “career readiness.” These various activities include a focused assessment, information about college majors and potential employers, along a list of resources for a student’s college major.

The Career Center host various workshops, networking opportunities, and on-campus recruitment. The workshops provide activities that include working on resumes, cover letters, strategies for job search, setting up a LinkedIn account and mock interviews. The mock interviews are a helpful way that can help students critique their speaking skills while providing tips for presenting themselves in an actual interview. The Career Center also provides a Career Pathways program that gives students and alumni a one-on-one connection with the same career interest. Like other programs in the Career Center, students have access to job opportunities, internships and different experiences. This gives students insight and the advice that they need going towards a similar career path as alumni.

Like Career Pathways, the Student Career Coach Program is another helpful way for students to get one-on-one mentoring about resumes, job or internship research and other growth opportunities. Services that students can receive hands-on experience within their career interests are through Credit-Based Internships. Many internships are offered for just about any major that Mount offers. This ties into the website Handshake, one of the significant outlets for college students to find internships and jobs for a career of their desire.

The Career Center is a welcoming environment for any student who is either sure of or unsure of the direction they are looking to go towards for their future. The Career Center office has walk-in hours, which are Monday through Friday from 1-2 pm. During this time frame, students can meet with a Career Coach, have their resume examined, or answer any questions about career search.

The Career Center offers multiple annual career-related events such as the Career Fair and Accounting Evening. Hosted on Sept. 16, Accounting Evening allowed students to network and connect with accounting employers from the Maryland area. The Career Fair is a virtual fair where over 100 employers interact with students, alumni, and faculty of different career interests. The Career Center has much to offer to the Mount students and constantly promotes its workshops to the Mount community.


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