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  • Hanna Aggen

Great Book and Greater Librarians

Hanna Aggen

Philip’s Library was recently awarded a grant as a part of the American Library Association’s Libraries Transforming Communities: Accessible Small and Rural Communities program.

This will be the 13th grant that Philip’s Library has been awarded since 2017, when Jessica Boyer, Ph.D. (C’16) became the library director.

The University’s press release stated that “the ALA awards funds to libraries in small and rural towns to assist in making these libraries more accessible to those with disabilities”.

Philip’s Library is one of only 85 libraries chosen to receive this grant and funding in the first round of grants. There were 310 libraries chosen for the grant.

When asked about the grant, Boyer said, “This grant will fund the purchase of new furniture for Room 204, which is a library instruction and programming space, update signs and other way-finding tools in the library and provide training to library staff on how to better assist patrons with disabilities”. She also stated that the library will write a new strategic plan this summer. 

Congratulations to Boyer and the library staff for achieving the award and making Philip's a greatly accessible and resourceful library for the Mount community.



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