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  • Ryen Sakyi

Golden Ending to the School Year

Ryen Sakyi

From elegant attire to bathing suits, The Mount community had an unforgettable weekend with two exciting events. The ASA Golden Gala and SOL Spring Splash were two exciting ways to end his school year. The weekend was filled with cultural cuisine, dancing and water activities. All this combined made the weekend thrilling and entertaining. 

The vibrant and elegant African Student Association Golden Gala held on April 13 2024 happened in the Patriot Seminary Dining Hall. It was an unforgettable event that mesmerized everyone who attended. The event had a black and gold theme, and students wore their best African elegant attire. ASA secretary Malika Dosso said, "We want this event to happen because it is a nice way to get our club members and other people to come to the event to be able to dress up and come together."  

The ASA board members planned a grand success, filling the night with various activities. These included a best-dressed competition, a runway for the board members to show off their outfits and a dance party with African music that had everyone on their feet. The event was a perfect blend of elegance, culture and entertainment. 

Along with the ASA Golden Gala, the Student Organization of Latinos hosted a Spring Splash on Sunday, April 14 2024 in the Sheridan courtyard.

When asked why they wanted to create this event, Jazyln Leonzo, the President of SOL, said, “We wanted to have this event because it just brings community and friends together, and it's a wonderful time to have it. This is the exact time people need to be outside having fun.”  

The Spring Splash included epic water balloon fights, toy water gun fights, drawing on tote bags, snacks and Mexican candy. Toward the end of the event, participants got to throw a pie at the SOL board members for fun. 

Kevin Turner, the Deputy Director for Diversity Programs and Belongings, emphasized the significance of supporting campus events as a community during recent events. Turner said, "It's really important as the Mount community that when events are happening on campus that we as a community support events and come to events because we can definitely learn from each other. That what makes the Mount community grow, is us supporting one another and coming to events.” 

The ASA and SOL, who organized the events, did an excellent job. Their efforts left a lasting impression on everyone who attended. We look forward to more exciting events from them in the future.


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