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Get Job Market Ready with Career Center

Becoming adults ready for the world after college, an important part of the college experience, is finding your career path and getting a job for the future that you are planning for. However, when it comes to starting the path, it can be very intimidating when you are still unsure where to even begin. This is where the Career Center is here to help you. The best way to prepare for this is to take advantage of all the tools that the Career Center has to offer when it comes to targeting your intended path and forming connections to prepare you for the job force.

One of the most important tools that the Career Center offers to get students started on their path is the Mount Hired website, This is a website that all Mount students have access to and is a great resource for any step of the job process. The Mount Hired website will prompt you to make a profile for yourself that includes identifying factors such as your majors, clubs, activities and leadership roles. There is also a tab called Career Finder, which asks you several questions and can lead you to possible careers that would fit your personalities and interests. In addition to the opportunity to discover several career opportunities, there are listings of possible jobs and internships that students can apply to. Through this, companies can look at your profiles and any additional documents that are listed. In addition, FOCUS is a free survey that is available for students to take to learn about their possible majors at the Mount and occupations that would fit well with the majors.

Another important part of preparing for the interview and job process is the formation of a resume. A resume is the most important material to have when preparing for a job interview as it lists all important factors of your academic career, previous job experience and the important skills that may help while on the job. You may have created a resume during your first-year symposium class; now you can update your resume for your internship or job search. Your resume can then be constantly amended throughout your years at the Mount as you become more involved and learn new skills that would be appealing to companies. In addition, remember that you are welcome to have the Career Center review your resume draft through an appointment Career Center Appointment Request Form ( or by sending your resume to

In addition to these resources, the Career Center always has the option of scheduling with one of its trained career advisors who can help you with any questions you have about the process. They can also give you advice and information on what steps you can take next. I hope this article has been helpful in navigating the many tools the Career Center offers and will be a guide for helping you to start your job search.College is the time to make life-long friendships, learn about topics that interest you and listen to lessons that will help guide your life after college. While all these steps are important for.


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