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  • Dominic Wilkinson

Fun-Filled Fall Festivities

In October, Mount For The Kids (FTK) hosted Fall Festival, a night of games, raffles, and fun. Everyone was welcome for a five-dollar price at the door. Mount FTK is a club that fundraises money in the support of children suffering from cancer. It works with Pennsylvania State University Children’s Hospital and Four Diamonds, an organization built in an effort to support children and their families fighting against cancer. These organizations collect donations from groups such as Mount FTK to fund treatment and research for a cure for the awful disease.

Mount FTK’s mission is to spread awareness and collect as many donations as possible because as club president Justin Buelto states, “Any money can help any kind of family…even just a tiny little bit.” Everyone can do something, no matter how little, in an effort to help. 

Buelto stresses on how Mount FTK helps achieve one of the Mount’s goals to “practice servant leadership in the eyes of God.” We are called to serve others, to look after the sick and to visit the imprisoned, as the Evangelist Matthew wrote. Raising money in aid of cancer struck families is a way we can all live out what God has called us to do.

Events organized by Mount FTK was a 5K Turkey Trot in November and Christmas-themed activities in December. October's Fall Festival featured pumpkin carving and painting, apple dipping for caramel apples, an apple bobbing competition for prizes, raffles and good music.

There were plenty of opportunities to win prizes, those being sponsored by the Orientation Committee, Student Activities, Campus Ministry and more. The event was sponsored by anonymous donors, students and their families, money from SGA’s budget and even money out of Mount FTK members, because as Buelto put it, “We wanted it to succeed and we were willing to do anything possible for it to flourish.”  

Mount FTK currently has no specific kids to sponsor so proceeds from the event will go to bigger organizations who have a wider reach and try to distribute and use donations the best they can. Great fun, great prizes and a great cause, what more could you ask?


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