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  • Morgan Clark

First-Year Experience

Morgan Clark

As we are gearing into the 2023-2024 academic year, we welcome the class of 2027. Within the first few weeks of the fall semester many first-year students are adjusting quite well. In this article, a few members of the class of 2027 talk about the Mount and their experiences on the campus so far.

Alexa Sofia is studying biology on the pre-med track and her favorite professor is Dr. Mike Turner in Biology. She enjoys his class because while making the class interesting and engaging, he cares about his students. She chose the Mount for its beautiful scenery and the welcoming atmosphere. As she shares why she is here, she mentions extracurricular activities and clubs, such as being a Mount Ambassador and Women in STEM. According to Sofia, her classes have been going well, saying the faculty is very caring.

As for her living situation and food quality, she expressed that her roommate Katie Corbo is the best roommate she could ask for. Her favorite food here so far is burgers. It has only been four weeks, but she has already created memorable moments.

Katherine Corbo is a computer science and cybersecurity major from West Chester, Pa. Corbo chose the Mount because of the idyllic, natural beauty, close-knit community and academic success. Her favorite class, thus far, is Introduction to Computer Science because the teacher is organized and detail-oriented in explaining the concepts and she enjoys problem solving and writing programs. Extracurriculars she is involved in include the 89.9 WMTB radio station, Mount Ambassador, Criminal Justice Student Association, Cyber Defense Club and Women in STEM. Corbo finds her classes to be interesting and her faculty members to be caring about her education. She is Sofia’s roommate, and they live on the second floor of McCaffery. She loves her dorm and gushes about her roommate being amazing; the location is a plus.

Fisher Coleman-Sayer is from Marathon, Fla. He is in the Philosophy, Politics and Economics program, with a minor in Criminology. The reason for Coleman-Sayer choosing the Mount is superior academics and one of the best golf programs. Aside from struggling with Spanish, so far, his classes have been going well. His favorite class is International Relations with Dr. William Christiansen in the Department of Political Science. He enjoys the first floor of McCaffery and likes to eat at the Mount Café.

Angelo Mazhandu, who is studying mathematics with a possible minor in psychology, chose the Mount due to its proximity to home and history. He is interested in joining the dodgeball and Esports teams. Mazhandu’s classes have been going great and his teachers have been exceptional. He is currently living in Sheridan Hall and his room is not that bad. His favorite class is Discrete Mathematics with Dr. Nadun Mudiyanselage. Mazhandu says it is an interesting class and the teacher and keeps the lessons fun and engaging.

First-year students excited to start the semester

Photo by: Tyson Miller


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