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  • Jade' Curtis

First Weekend on Campus Was Both Work and Play

Before the class of 2025’s orientation and move-in day, Assistant Dean and Director of Campus Recreation Dr. Mallory Wishard, orientation coordinators and leaders took their time to ensure everything would run smoothly. They arrived on campus early, excited to introduce the first-year students to their new mountain home. Caffeine and countless lists accompanied the orientation team as they spent their time detailing important information, from icebreakers to intense programming.

Orientation spanned over the four-day weekend and was full of events to acclimate the newcomers to the Mount. Aug. 19 was move-in day--a dreaded day for some and an exciting day for many. Although some were nervous about leaving home for the first time, they were not alone in their journey. Other students shared the same sentiment and that bond created friendships within the very first few days of being on campus.

The first night sleeping in the resident halls was an adjustment to what the first-year students were used to. Twin-sized beds and communal bathrooms, all the makings of a summer camp… but with an education. They will soon come to realize that nothing compares to a nap on a twin-sized mattress after a difficult class.

Aug. 20 was an academic day where students met with the deans for their respective colleges and learned the importance of staying on track to graduate. Though a busy day, the first-year students were able to relax with Mountain Games and a magic show by Peter Bole.

Becca Valentine (C’25) stated, “The campus was full of happy welcoming smiles all weekend.”

Everywhere you looked you could find a smiling faculty member or orientation team member. Students and faculty were excited to be back after having remote and hybrid classes for the past year and a half. Despite having to wear masks, both students and faculty are making the best of having in-person classes.

Aug. 21 was a relatively lighter day which comprised meeting with orientation leaders to work on the Values in Action Strengths survey. This survey was a fun way to learn each other’s strengths and get some classwork done at the same time.

Marco Carbajal (C’22), a two-time orientation leader, said, “I enjoyed the integration of learning and fun, so they [first-year students] were not too overwhelmed.”

The highly-anticipated and final orientation day was Aug. 22. Sunday was not only the night before the first day of classes but there was also a hypnotist performance. New and returning students alike wanted to see the hypnotist. The Knott Auditorium was packed full of people ready to see the show and become a part of it as well.

Reginald Hawkins (C’24), a first-time orientation leader, said, “The best time of my life was during orientation.”

Returning students had just as much fun as the members of the class of 2025 during orientation and move-in. These two events have set the standard and tone for the year and the fact that most students are on campus and in person makes this year that much better.


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