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  • Alexis Mobley

Farewell for Dean Esses

Alexis Mobley

Unexpected Student Life staffing changes at the Mount were announced when President Timothy Trainor sent a letter announcing that Vice President and Dean of Students, Dr. Levi Esses, would be leaving Mount St. Mary’s at the end of February. The letter briefly explained that Esses would leave to help lead student life at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi.

When Esses was asked about the details of his departure, he explained that the individual he is going to work for at Texas A&M had been a colleague of his that he had known for some time.

He said that the job had been offered to him in January and he decided to take it because he has family in Texas and is looking forward to being closer to them, “I’m taking a step back in my position as Assistant Vice President and focusing on the more fun parts of student life.”

He said that it would be hard to leave the students and faculty of the Mount behind. “I’ll reflect back on these days... These were some of the most special days of my life,” Esses reflected. “Moving here was probably the biggest blessing we’ve had in our life,” Esses stated when talking about his family settling in Emmitsburg.

He said that the Mount has impacted him significantly during his time here. During his time working here, he has learned to treat every student fairly and that this lesson is what he will take with him to his next job.

“Every student’s journey is different. We have to look at where students are and how we form them into who they want to be. Some students need that support and guidance… that’s the part of this job that I’ll miss.”


Trainor said that he was saddened to learn about Esses’ planned departure but is also happy for him because he knows where he is going will be a good place for his family.

“His biggest impact was helping the University manage the COVID-19,” Trainor added regarding Esses' strength when talking about his work at the Mount. “As he became Vice President, he did really good things to help with Residence Life, but he brought back student life activities after the pandemic.

Although Esses is leaving, Trainor believes that the new dean will be appointed by the start of 2024 fall semester.

“I’m working with the new president-elect that will replace me this summer…we will together start a search for a new dean,” he added.

Residence Life’s Rebecca Rudd will serve as Acting Dean of students and Director of Residence Life after Esses’ departure. Rudd is not sure whether she will be involved in the hiring process or no, but she hopes to help the division, finish out the spring semester strong and wants to give the students a great experience as they complete the spring semester successfully.

Kelly Blanco


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