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  • Angelica Tyler

Family Fest: A Fun Event for Everyone

This past Saturday, Sept.11, Mount St. Mary’s hosted the annual Family Fest, which took place at the main campus. Family Fest is an exciting opportunity for students and families to celebrate their success in a bright and positive way.

Students, parents, staff and other faculty of the Mount had the opportunity to come together while getting involved in various events and activities occurring throughout the day. After everyone checked in for the all-day event, the event began with a welcome brunch for the University’s Honors Program located in the Seminary Dining Room. This was followed by other key events such as the 9/11 Prayer Service and the President’s Parents’ Address.

President Trainor discussed Mount activities, clubs and other important information about the University and endeavors for the future. A few of the topics Trainor addressed in his discussion with the students and their parents were insights from last year, along with a few of the key accomplishments that were completed over the course of the pandemic.

One of the biggest accomplishments that Trainor stated was that “our most significant accomplishment, I believe, was maintaining an in-person and hybrid learning environment without interruption on campus in which students and seminarians lived, learned, worshiped, competed and socialized.”

Followed by the address from Trainor, the fun began at the Family Fun Carnival Zone and delicious foods catered by Emmit’s Street Eats, BBQ Food Truck and the option of purchasing an array of foods in the Patriot Dining Hall. The Family Fun Carnival Zone gave students, children and parents an opportunity to have fun competitively and excitingly. Everyone was introduced to various games such as a blow-up football range, basketball and a bouncy house. There was also a booth for face painting, which caught the attention of many children of various ages.

Throughout the carnival, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., there was a Mount theater performance in Founder’s Plaza followed by a student musical performance outside of the McGowan Patio. A fan favorite that took place during this glorious event was the Beer Garden. From noon to 4 p.m., faculty members, coaches and other administration came together to celebrate the Mount students and families.

This event could not have taken place on a better day; through the event, the weather was fantastic with clear and sunny blue skies. As a result, the hike to the Indian Lookout was a success. Individuals got the opportunity to take in the beauty of the campus through a 2-mile hike up to Mary's Mountain. The athletics teams hosted a series of games. The Women’s Rugby team played with Men’s Rugby from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Echo Field.

Family Fest provided numerous opportunities for students, families and faculty of the Mount to get involved in. This event allowed families and their children to come together and experience all of what Mount St. Mary’s University offers. It was a joyous event that took on the role of celebrating the university’s accomplishments, surviving through an entire semester through the pandemic and the achievements of students' education through their time being at the Mount.

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01 oct 2021

Photos from this year's FamilyFest can be viewed on the Mount's Flicker Page -


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