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  • Jenna Scalia

Explosion on Crimean Bridge in Russia and Ukraine War

On Oct. 8, a key supply bridge to the Russian invasion of Ukraine exploded as a train carrying supplies to Russian forces was crossing over the Kerch Strait. Three people were killed in the truck bomb blast that set ablaze and destroyed seven cars and caused a partial collapse of the bridge. Ukraine denied all accusations of planting the bomb, despite having threatened to destroy the bridge. Russia did not accept Ukraine’s denial and arrested over eight individuals for possible involvement in the bombing. The bombing caused a serious backfiring in Russia’s efforts to annex Ukraine.

The bridge, known as the Kerch Strait Bridge, was built out of pride by Russia after its annexation of Crimea in 2014. It officially opened in 2018 and foreshadowed the atrocities we see being made against Ukraine today. Most countries, especially in Europe, do not recognize Crimea as Russian territory, but rather as Ukrainian territory. Nevertheless, this show of power was bound to be targeted one way or another. Now the only question that remains is whether or not this will push Russian President, Vladimir Putin, over the edge with his threats of nuclear war.

Putin has threatened nuclear war since the beginning of his invasion of Ukraine, which has been the cause of increased speculation as to how serious he may be. Many countries do not believe he will do it because it would not be in his best interest to do so. Europe, North America, Oceania and parts of Asia would retaliate.

He would ultimately lose everything, putting all his efforts in vain. The U.S. would bear the most responsibility in the decision as to how to respond due to it being the most militarily powerful country in the world and the first in the number of ready-to-launch nuclear firearms. Putin would be making a massive mistake that would lead to a Nuclear Holocaust if he decided to go nuclear.

One of the biggest speculations that I have personally agreed with is Putin’s declining health. Putin has reportedly been experiencing excruciating pains in his abdomen that, despite medical treatment, cannot be completely relieved. It is my belief that the 70-year-old Putin is going into a state of decline- and he knows it.

It is highly likely that he is attempting to go out in a blaze of glory by taking Ukraine and is threatening nuclear war to force the United States and Europe’s hands. He has even been so bold as to remind the world that the United States is the only country that has used nuclear warheads in a conflict, referring to the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Is this his attempt to demonize the United States and call into question the trust the world has for it?

The U.S. would be the main respondent to a nuclear attack if Russia would be so unhinged to do so. U.S. President, Joe Biden, would have several options on the table, however, an extremely difficult decision and call to make. First, would be the non-military response, which would mostly be clean-up, humanitarian aid, financial aid and donating military arms.

The second would be a nuclear response, which runs an extremely high risk of escalation and a larger range of destruction and devastation. The U.S. itself would be at risk of a nuclear attack and even then, that wouldn’t be the worst-case scenario. The third option known to us as of right now is a conventional, non-nuclear attack against Russia that would lead to a direct and separate war between the United States and Russia.

Only time will tell what will happen. While Putin makes these threats against Ukraine and the rest of the world, a leader with good sense will know what is in his and his country’s best interest. A man with good sense will know what is right and opt for what is right. As U.S. citizens, we should not be afraid. We should be just as firm as Ukraine has been against Russia and shall remain to do so.

Nuclear Armageddon should never be used as a fear tactic and should never come as close as it did back in 1962. If Russia truly knows what’s best for it, then the world, in terms of nuclear war, is safe.


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