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  • Jenna Brady

Elizabeth Santos Internship Scholarship Award

As the semester is winding down, many students are looking ahead to both the summer and subsequent semesters. For many students, these next few semesters are when internships become an important factor in their education. When thinking about these internships, many students may stress about the financial question that can often become a factor. For some internships, expenses may incur from different factors such as travel or even boarding. This becomes especially taxing when the internship that the student is participating in has little or no income. This is where the Elizabeth Santos Internship Scholarship Award becomes an exceptional resource for students.

Elizabeth Santos was an alumnus of Mount St. Mary’s University (class of 1989), and was also an employee of the Mount working in the Career Center as an Administrative Assistant. Santos unexpectedly passed away in July of 2020. This scholarship was established in her honor to assist the students of the Mount. The student application goes through an extensive process that looks at the internship the student is doing, the way in which it will benefit the student and the life lessons and applications that will be gained from the internship. The students who receive this scholarship are strongly motivated students who are taking initiative with amazing opportunities with their internships.

After the selection process this year, the Career Center has awarded the Elizabeth Santos Scholarship to three exceptional students. These students will receive funding for their internships in the honor of Elizabeth and will be able to excel in them without the worry of financial hardships. The Career Center is committed to assisting all students in their career aspirations and helping them with the internships that the students of the Mount achieve.


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