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Election Reaction

As I write this article, the fate of the presidential election still hangs in the balance. Many have labeled this “the most important election of our lives”. I hope that by the time you read this the country has not melted down into a gigantic warzone of death and hatred and — wait a minute. It already was that. Let’s be truly honest with ourselves. Nothing in this country is going to change, no matter how the voters decide in this great “democracy” of ours. The poor will still be poor, the rich will still be as rich as Midas and your government will still lie to you and sit around, sucking their thumb as the country continues to dissolve into a pot of boiling excrement around them.

To my Democratic readers: do you believe coronavirus will disappear overnight if Biden is elected and Trump is gone? You think now you will get everything you want. People will still be rioting, still murdering each other, and people will continue to die, killed by their fellow countrymen for reasons that sometimes cannot be known. I urge you to please not blame their deaths on Republican voters who you believe are racist because they voted for Trump. Congratulations. You win nothing.

To my Republican readers: what do we think is going to change? Democratic voters will still call you evil for siding with Trump. People will still riot, people will still murder each other, and cops will still die. The economy will continue to tank slowly because people don’t know how to live and cooperate with people who do not share their same views. Congratulations. You win nothing.

Now I want to make something clear. This writer is not endorsing either candidate, in fact if anything this writer is urging something entirely different. We need to move past party politics, we need to stop acting like there is something different and wrong about each other because of how we vote or even think. I believe that we all need to realize that politics has grown into something that is very oddly anti-American and has become a monster that needs to be leashed. You have not misread that and I hope that before you become understandably angry with me that you will please attend me. Politics in its current state is anti-American because it is partisan.

The problem with this is that much of what happens politically is that nothing that is good for everyone ever happens. Politicians are supposed to work for us, not for their party. Right now, that is exactly who they work for. This is not meant to insult and I apologize if it has. But this is a plea, a plea to retake our country in the name of the American people. If this election year has taught us anything, I think it has showcased just how asinine and juvenile we, the American public, can be. We have squabbled, bickered, name-called, harassed and all-around acted like children quarreling over who gets to use the toy now. I implore us all to grow up and do it fast.

We need to remind the politicians and lawmakers that they work for us not the other way around. And we must make it clear that we are unsatisfied with their party politics shenanigans. We want a better, cleaner America, one that we all feel safe in and that does not make some of us feel ashamed of who we are.

We are in a period of great civil war. Though not militaristic yet, I fear that it shall be soon. Therefore the words of Abraham Lincoln during his address at Gettysburg have a renewed meaning and relevance. For as he said that day, we must make certain “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

God, please bless America and guide her with your hand through the trials and tribulations she now faces. Let her grow stronger from these through your name. Amen.


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