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  • Caroline Wilcox

Dunkin’ Kind of Valentine

Every holiday, Dunkin’ releases a new menu, featuring items centered around that holiday and its theme. This February, Dunkin’ has a new variety of menu items for Valentine’s Day that many can choose from. From new donuts to pink-colored coffees, there is plenty to pick from to choose for you or your valentine. The best seller this February was their brownie-batter-filled donut. It’s exactly as it sounds: a frosted donut with brownie batter in the middle. If you are not in the mood for chocolate, try the Cupid’s Choice donut, a treat that has Bavarian cream and strawberry icing. Both of these donuts are a perfect choice to satisfy your sweet tooth. I tried out the TikTok hack where you put the brownie batter donut into an air fryer for a couple of minutes and, when you take it out, it should taste exactly like warm chocolate cake. When I gave this method a shot, I bought two, so that I could try the donut as it was sold, and then try it warmed up. After trying it, I ended up preferring the warmed-up version because it tasted exactly like a lava cake, and it was so cheap and easy to do.

If you want to spice up your usual coffee order, ask for the Pink Velvet Macchiato, which spices up your usual coffee order by combining coffee and red velvet flavoring to create an aesthetically-pleasing Valentine’s Day beverage. When I tried the macchiato, I was surprised that it tasted just like my usual coffee, only it was pink! It was a bit sweet, most likely because of the red velvet flavoring. If you are more of a chocolate lover, try the Mocha Macchiato, which will taste almost exactly like a heart-shaped box of chocolates. However, if you are still feeling uncertain about what to get, I recommend getting your usual order if you are a regular customer there, so that if you are unsatisfied with your order, you can still have a backup plan. If you have the Dunkin’ app, I suggest saving your free beverages that you earn and use it on one of the new drinks that Dunkin’ has to offer. I used my free drink on the Valentine’s Day drinks, so that I wouldn’t be too disappointed if I didn’t like it. It ended up working out perfectly, because I had another coffee for the following morning. Valentine’s Day menu items at Dunkin’, in my opinion, are their best menu items that come out during the year.


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