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  • Ryen Sakyi

Cupid's Visit to the Mount

Ryen Sakyi

Love was in the air at the PAC: love and the smell of buttered popcorn. On Feb. 13. Mount’s SGA hosted their 2nd  annual Game Night Valentine’s Day Edition. The night was filled with food, laughs, and fun. 

The event was experiencing changes from its infancy. Class of 2026 President Annieka Bangura explained, “Last year we did it in AC Room 222. It was a lot smaller.” 

The SGA teamed up with AMP to turn the PAC from a recreation center to an abode of love. They had many Valentines’ Day themed decorations. Pink and red streamers rained from the ceiling and balloons covered the ground. 

The night featured a variation of the dating game. A bachelor or bachelorette and four contestants would be blindfolded and separated by a curtain. Bangura would ask relationship questions to the four contestants, and each would have a short amount of time to answer.

After hearing all the answers, the bachelor or bachelorette would select their favorite answer. After a few rounds, the contestant who matched best with the bachelor or bachelorette would get the chance to meet them. Near the end of the night the audience got to vote for their favorite couple and that couple was congratulated with free movie tickets.

Only time will tell if this game leads to a second date or a painful ghosting, but one thing’s for certain, the audience loved it. 

The crowd was electric all night, participating in the dating game with an open mic.

 Jhari Miller (C’26) described the audience’s energy from a contestant’s point of view. Miller said, “The atmosphere of the crowd was extremely interactive. The crowd made the event what it was to be honest.”  This event was made possible by the SGA officers of 2026. All four young women wanted this event to have a fun, comfortable, and community atmosphere.

Class of 2026 Vice President Carolyn Aguilar quotes, “ An event like this takes a lot of work and communication. This definitely wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing officers of SGA”.

The class of 2026 president Annieka Bangura, said, “I am proud, happy, and blessed that this event was possible.” 

Director of Orientation and New Student Services, Wendy Brubaker, said about the SGA officers, “These four young ladies are the most hard-working ladies I have ever seen.” All four SGA officers plan to make the Valentine’s Day game show happen again next year.

The SGA stated this is a continuing goal to make the Game Night Valentine’s Day Edition an annual tradition at the Mount. This will hopefully be something students can pass down to the next generation of students.

Ryen Sakyi


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