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  • Alexis Mobley

Concourse Renovations Coming Soon to ARRC

Alexis Mobley

The Athletics Department at Mount St. Mary’s University revealed the project to remodel the concourse at the ARCC. The project was announced on Saturday, Jan. 27, during the Hall of Fame brunch over homecoming weekend at the Mount. 

The goal of the money hasn’t been met yet, but the project did receive $10,000 in donations during the homecoming basketball games. The project was named after Lynne Robinson, the former director of athletics at MSMU.

Since she stepped down, the Mount has decided to remodel the concourse in her honor. Director of Athletics, Brad Davis, announced this project when he made a speech about it, “We've been talking about this since I was hired in August. Renovating has been a goal of Lynne's. And today, we are one step closer to making her dreams a reality.”

When Davis was asked about the significance of this project, he explained that he and his team worked on it behind the scenes for a couple of months and that when it was revealed it lined up Lynne’s induction to the Hall of Fame at the Mount. “This has been something my staff had in mind for a couple of years now, and my hire, along with Lynne Robinson’s retirement helped to get it over the finish line,” Davis explained.

“We worked behind the scenes for a couple of months with a small group to develop a concept and kept refining it to truly represent a transformational change in that space. Lynne did so much for the Mount for over 40 years, so naming the concourse after her was an easy decision. Her legacy will forever be remembered at the Mount.”

Davis believes that this project is so important to the Mount because the concourse is the first thing people see when they walk into the Mount so he thinks it should be presentable, “First impressions are important, and anyone who walks into the newly renovated concourse for the first time will be impressed.”


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